Custom packaging solutions, unyielding commitment and reliability

Our commitment to building long term relationships is sustained by our range of packing solutions and contract manufacturing services. From product concept to development, manufacturing and distribution, our team is dedicated to achieving our customers’ success.  We put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.


  • Product research and development
  • Raw materials procurement
  • Full capacity laboratory and staff
  • Graphic design services
  • Confidentiality


  • Custom blending
  • Chemical bulk handling
  • Liquid filling
  • Variable sizes from one half ounce to bulk transport containers
  • Flexible minimum order quantity
  • Short lead times
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Cost efficient, long-run production


  • Speciality packaging
  • A wide assortment of packaging options
  • Cans, bottles, fiber and blister card options
  • Clean and secure storage facilities

Custom Chemical Manufacturing Services

Customers with limited chemical manufacturing resources or seeking to outsource an existing product are invited to consider our Custom Chemical Manufacturing Services:

Product Research and Development

  • Continuous improvement methodology
  • Reverse engineering capabilities
  • On-site laboratory
  • Custom formulating and blending
  • Comparative product analysis
  • Quality Assurance program

Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

  • Extensive bulk liquid storage
  • EXP (Explosion Proof Blending and Packaging facility)
  • Highly flexible packaging lines with capabilities from half ounce containers to bulk transport

Blending Capabilities

  • 4 underground vaulted tanks - 10,000 gallons each (37800 liters)
  • 15 blend tanks ranging in size from 800 to 7000 gallons (3,000 to 26,500 L)
  • All tanks are in an explosion proof facility and are reactor tanks (heating and cooling capabilities)
  • Sophisticated blending – all logic controlled, load and transfer cells, reacting tanks in explosion proof facilities

Worldwide Distribution

  • Worldwide strategically located facilities
  • Extensive global export experience
  • 300,000 SF of clean, dry and secure warehouse space
  • Turnkey operations equal reduced freight costs
  • Pick and pack services
  • Certified staff in hazardous materials DOT and IMDG shipping methodology
  • Experienced staff in over-the-road, air and ocean cargo freight costing

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